Boosting your Wellness Wishes with Plants!

To globally help people and our planet thrive towards greater wellness through the powerhouse of plants on plates. Having experienced a complicated relationship with food ourselves, we know how difficult incorporating a healthy lifestyle into your fast-paced life can be! We wish to simplify the process by providing you with food that fulfills your whole self.

How it works

All meals are Whole Food Plant-Based!


For efficient delivery, order by Sunday morning for daily deliveries on Monday-Wednesday, and by Wednesday morning for Thursday-Saturday.


Choose from this weeks internationally inspired menu. Checkout your handpicked dishes before 9:00am on both Sunday and Wednesday.


With your twice a week order, we will ensure that your ready to eat meals will be delivered at your doorstep daily between 3:00-6:00pm!


Enjoy our plant powered dishes in the comfort of your own home. Our recyclable containers are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Plant-Powered Energy!

Dedicated to nourishing your wellbeing so you can flourish one fork full at a time! Fork Smart aims for: sustainability, health through the use of anti-inflammatory foods, and convenience without compromising flavour using a world variety of spices. 

This Week's Menu!

Monday-Saturday (the menu will be changing weekly)

Convenience Packed with Flavour

Fork Full of Energy

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